Exclusive List of Bangalore Escorts Services

As a part of our exclusive Call Girl Services, we offer almost everything that a man can fantasize about in his dreams. However, we offer the services that you can’t even imagine to do with a girl. It is very important to have some foreplay before one finally starts doing sex. Our hot escorts will ensure that your mood is set right before they finally jump into your bed to offer their bodies. The detail of the various services offered is given below.

Kamasutra Poses

You can try all the 99 Positions of sex if you desire. Our sexy blondes are experts in doing the same. Now, it’s up to you to decide which pose gives you more pleasure.

FK (French Kissing)

There is nothing more pleasing in this world than the kiss of a female. And imagine when that kiss is lip to lip and for a long time. This can give a man most of the satisfaction to be driven from sexual activities. 

DFK (Deep French Kissing)

Nothing is hotter than a French Kiss that goes lip to lip into the mouth, but, when that is deep and long-lasting it becomes hotter. Deep French Kissing is also on our list of services provided.

DP (Double Penetration)

One of our exclusive services includes double penetration in which more than one body parts or objects can be inserted in the vagina of the female. This can be very pleasurable for both the partners involved in it.

Anal Sex

Not all men prefer to insert their penis into the vagina all the time. Many of them are ass men and want to do anal sex with the escorts. Bangalore Escorts Services will fulfill this desire of yours. You can do anal sex with the call girls provided by us.


If you are in a mood to talk dirty with someone but there is no one available, Bangalore Escorts Agencies is just a call away. Our naughty girls are always ready to talk dirty with you.

Deep Throat

Fucking in the throat must be everyone man’s fantasy. Our escorts let you fuck in their throat and deep down inside. This makes sure that you derive pleasure from each sexual activity.

Enjoy Different Sex Positions

If you are bored of the same sex positions over and again, you can experiment with more happening sex positions with our sexy girls. All escorts under Bangalore Escorts Agencies are fully trained and flexible to perform any sexy task assigned to them to give you pleasure.

Cum in Mouth

When it comes to driving satisfaction from doing sex, nothing can be more satisfying than to cum in the end. Imagine if you can come inside the mouth of our sexy escorts? That’s heaven on earth feeling for any man in this world.All the above-mentioned services are truly provided by Escorts Services in Bangalore. We don’t make fake promises when it comes to customer satisfaction. You are the boss when it comes to having sexual pleasure.


In today’s world, the things that look beautiful are the things that sell the most! At Bangalore Escorts Services, we do have the most beautiful and hottest looking escorts. We prove this by posting their images on the website. You might be doubtful of the images, however, we promise that what we are showing here is what we will offer to you in reality. We believe in building long term relationship with our clients, therefore we will always try to provide the best of escorts services.

Hot Airhostess

The pictures posted by us are 100 percent genuine and with the least editing. We always try to provide natural beauties to our clients. However, some clients prefer silicon breasts while others love natural boobs. We take care of every little detail. Different men have different requirements when it comes to female looks. We have all the looks available and we have posted the same in the images including Air hostesses.

College Girls

You can scroll through the different images to choose the escort of your choice. We will always provide you the same call girl that you select through the images provided. Beautiful college girls are available for your service. The picture of each category we provide is posted. It includes Hot Housewives, adorable College girls, sensuous Models, and Hot Air Hostesses.


Therefore, you can scroll through the Bangalore Escorts Services’ spiced up Menu and choose the best escort for yourself depending on your taste of body curves or face beauty. And we always keep on adding fresh and new faces to our menu. We are fully aware of our customer’s preferences and choices and will never let them get bored.Now, stop looking at those busty beauties in the gallery and start booking one for yourself to take home tonight.


A body massage can be the best therapy if you are tired from a hectic daily routine or simply frustrated from your life. However, in this busy life, we don’t have time for our well being. Neither do other people can afford to do this for us. You do have a solution for this, i.e. Bangalore Escorts Services! We offer you a massage service as well. This can be a mesmerizing experience for your tired body.Imagine if the same massage is done by our attractive and beautiful escorts personally. We also provide you with a variety when it comes to massage.

Erotic Massage

This is a type of massage offered by Bangalore Escorts Agencies, wherein we serve you with a girl who is naked and you are also naked in the same room. The escort chosen by you will massage your whole body and your private parts with her hands and please you while doing all this. This type of experience can take to a completely different world and relax you to the core.

Body Slide

In this type of massage, the call girl provided by  Bangalore Escorts Services will rub her naked body against your body while you are lying on the bed facing downwards. Just imagine the moment when her breasts will touch against your back and she will gently rub her body on yours. This can calm any type of frustration you must be facing at that time.

Hand Job or Hand Relief

In this category of massage, the sex worker will gently massage your penis and help you masturbate with her hands. You can simply lie down on the bed and enjoy this wonderful experience when a beautiful blonde is holding your genitals in her hands and rubbing it, moving it in such a way that you finally cum.

Spanish Massage

In this type, a sexy model will be on work for you and give your penis a massage by rubbing it between her breasts. You can only imagine right now how it feels to have your penis between those soft velvety boobs. It can give you complete relaxation therapy.

Oral Sex

This type of massage is most popular among men! When a busty blonde will take your penis into her mouth and lick it thoroughly. This can be your favorite part of our services when you finally book with us.

Full Service

Here, you will get everything included. There will be an erotic massage and oral sex before you can finally have sexual intercourse with your chosen beauty. This is the best option to choose from all the massages as it allows you to have all the fun in one category.All the above services will be provided as it is mentioned here and there will always be a surprise for you when it comes to enjoying these dreamy fantasies. So, stop fantasizing about all that you can do at Bangalore Escorts Services by booking the type of massage you want to avail of